Regional Wine Shops and cellars

Piedmont wines possess an added value that derives from their deep relationship with their territory of origin, besides their renowned quality and special characteristics.

Besides their renowned quality and special characteristics, Piedmont wines possess an added value that derives from their deep relationship with their territory of origin: the mythical Langhe, Roero areas, extensive and varied Monferrato area, and the hills and prealpine chains of Turin and northern Piedmont. Enchanting and fascinating territories where viticulture creates and moulds the farming and rural landscape, and which inspire art, culture, and local traditions, and exalt food and wine production along with the entire agri-food supply chain, these lands attract millions of tourists and wine lovers who also want to see and enjoy the beauty and delights offered in the Piedmont wine-producing lands.

These areas with their precious and almost natural assets, consist in the 14 Regional Wine Shops and 34 Wine Cellars or Municipal Wineries, instituted by the Piedmont Region with Regional Law n. 37 of 1980, established for the Castles and Historical Buildings in the main Piedmont viticulture territories that produce the best selection of DOC and DOCG wines, and receive about a million visitors and tourists yearly.

The Piedmont Region promotes their constitution, and acknowledges and supports their activities without targeting profits or business exploits, but only to promote and uphold the wines produced, viticulture and the entire territory represented.
The Regional Wine Shops that are made up of the Municipalities and other Regional Agencies of the area and represent the territory's institutional and productive activities, are more extensive than the Municipal Wine Cellars or Wineries which generally represent the viticulture of a single Municipality. Many of these facilities, besides enlivening the territory with numberless initiatives and events, also direct the ethnographic oenological museums and restaurants that offer traditional dishes and gastronomic specialties paired off with the wines.


Regional Wine Shops