Mountain products


The optional quality indication `Prodotto di montagna¿ was created by the EU to identify products from mainly mountainous areas and, in the case of processed foods, that have been processed, aged and matured in the mountains.

The optional indication `Prodotto di montagna¿ may be applied to:

Animal products::

  • produced from animals bred in the mountain areas and processed in the same area;

  • produced from animals bred, for at least the last two thirds of their life, in mountain areas, provided the products are then processed in said areas;

  • produced from transported animals bred, for at least one quarter of their life, in migrating pastures in the mountain areas.

A certain proportion of the feed must also be produced in mountain areas.

Products of plant origin:

  • the plants must be cultivated exclusively in mountain areas.

Apiculture products:

  • the bees must have collected the nectar and pollen exclusively in mountain areas.

Other ingredients such as herbs, spices and sugar, may come from beyond the mountain areas provided they do not exceed 50% of the total weight of the ingredients.

Meat-based and oil productions must be processed no further than 30km from the administrative borders of the mountain area, while milk and dairy products must be processed no further than 10km if the processing areas were already operating on 3rd January 2013.


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