Piedmont, a Region to discover
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Enoteca, fairs, markets and eco-museums

The agro-food production of Piedmont has unique characteristics and their quality is closely linked to their history. There is a deep bond with the respective territories of cultivation and processing.
To make these products known and appreciated by all, various activities undertaken by the institutions and producers' organizations are in place to safeguard, value and promote them, through quality policies as well as a system of wine cellars, wine producers, fairs, markets and eco-museums.

Nutritional Education and Learning Farms

The subject of nutrition is of great importance in promoting an effective, widespread and active tutelage of the population's health which calls for a daily commitment to build a real and substantial improvement in the quality of life. (historical buildings hosting regional wine-and-food products, wine cellars, ecomuseums and food tasting spots).

The Path of Quality

Being able to trace the path of a certain food from the information available on the origin of the raw materials used to make the finished product, which signifies providing the consumer with a direct access to the "history" of the food product written on the label thus making its quality more recognizable and to guarantee its safety.