The Integrated Production National Quality System


The Integrated Production National Quality System permits the cultivation of products according to techniques that respect the environment and health, for sustainable quality.
The System can be applied to all vegetable products (both processed and unprocessed) and permits the use of a brand to identify the products that have been created following the regulations of integrated protection.

Voluntary integrated protection is a system that has been created following specific technical regulations for each cultivation and binding phytosanitary regulations (production regulations), including agronomical/phytosanitary practices, limits in the selection of phytosanitary products and the number of treatments.

In particular, the System aims to define the National Guidelines and the adoption of regional integrated production regulations. These represent a specific tool aimed towards the gradual uniformity of regional `Technical Regulations¿ in compliance with climatic/environmental, cultural and phytosanitary peculiarities that distinguish the various agricultural areas of Italy.

A strict traceability system means that it can be proven that the certified products come from agricultural companies that conform to said regulations.


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