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Piemonte agri qualità

Journey on the discovery of Piedmont in 95 itineraries to feast on.

The application provides the following functions:

Search Product

Search all agricultural food products of excellence from Piedmont: you can find cheeses, wines, fruit and vegetable products and all other products of quality divided into systems of certification.
You can also view the route to get to the municipality of production nearest you.

Search  Itineraries

Search among almost 100 tourist itineraries, the route to take in the discovery of the beauty of excellent agricultural food products of Piedmont.
You can view the entire itinerary or just the route that will take you to the township nearest you.

Search Events

Search all the events linked to agricultural products of Piedmont and view the route to arrive at the township where the event takes place.


Install the free application to discover the excellent agricultural food products of Piedmont!
The application is currently available for android and for the iPhone (this version can be used on all smart phones with a browser that can support HTML 5).