Protected Denomination of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication products


Productions under the DOP, IGP and STG brands are certified recipes and productions, which are made unique due to their origin, close connection with the territory and the specific preparation methods used.

Denominazione di Origine Protetta products (DOP - Protected Denomination of Origin) are closely tied to the territory from which they take their names.
They must:

  • come from a specific place, town or region;

  • have qualities or characteristics that derive essentially or exclusively from a particular geographical environment, and from the natural or human factors thereof;

  • ensure that all production phases are undertaken in the geographical area covered by the regulations.

There is, therefore, a very close tie between the characteristics of the product and its geographical origin.
Some products may be registered DOP even if the raw materials come from a different or broader geographical area than that of the processing provided that:

  • the area in which the raw materials are produced is defined;

  • there are specific conditions for the production of the raw materials and an inspection regime that guarantees that said conditions are observed.

Indicazione Geografica Protetta (IGP - Protected Geographical Indication) products are linked to a territory, but less so than DOP products are to their relative territory.
These products must, in fact:

  • originate from a certain place, town or region;

  • have characteristics, qualities or reputation ascribable to the geographic region;

  • guarantee that at least one of the production phases is undertaken in the territory indicated in the regulations.

The Production Regulations is the document that sets out all the production phases and processes that a DOP, IGP or STG product must respect. It is drawn up so as to ensure that the Inspection Body is qualified to undertake all inspections required to guarantee that all quality parameters are respected in order to, therefore, obtain and maintain the certification.

The Traditional Specialties Guaranteed (STG) are those products or foods obtained with a method of production, processing or a composition that correspond to a traditional practice, or those products or foods obtained from raw materials or ingredients used traditionally.


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