Alimentary Education and didactic farms


Alimentary education

A theme on nutrition is very important in promoting an effective, diffused and active safeguard of the population's health and as such requires a daily commitment to effectively and concretely improving the quality of life. The importance of alimentary education, as also that of wellness and awareness, is far more extensive than the current interest in the theme which, at times, is only dietary, normative knowledge following the "logic of prohibitions." The alimentary educational programme of the Piedmont Region, in fact, is based on an all-comprehensive programme of studies (from farming to history, diets to psychology, and anthropology to commodities) so as to help consumers look for and find pleasure in dealing with nutrition.

The programme's main objective is to promote the knowledge of farming and more specifically of the agri-food system through the comprehension of the existing relationships between production systems, food consumption and protection of the environment, in order to:

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle, with the involvement of schools and families and creating a positive relationship atmosphere;
  • Develop a critical conscience that helps to make informed choices;
  • Promote the participation of citizens in protecting the environment;
  • Endorse quality products;
  • Protect the local traditions;
  • Educate citizens as to taste culture;
  • Promote awareness of one's rights as citizens and consumers.

Didactic Farms