Traditional Products


"Traditional products" are considered such when the processing, preservation and ageing techniques have consolidated over time and have been uniformly applied throughout their geographical areas following traditional rules for at least 25 years.
These products, which may be subject to valorisation and food hygiene dispensations approved by EU regulations, are identified by the Italian Regions and the autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano which ascertain the requisites and every year send their list of ¿tradditional¿ food products to the Ministry for Agriculture for publication in the national register.
The inclusion of a product in said national lists does not however imply any rights following publication, and any reference to a geographical name does not imply that the product originated from that particular area (as is the case for DOP products).
However, the mere listing of a name, synonym or dialect name of each product on the publication list in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic, cannot be considered as registration or request for registration, in accordance with the current EU and national regulations regarding intellectual and industrial property.