Fairs, festivals and farmers' markets

Fieramente in Piemonte: small festivals, great products

Agricultural and agri-food festivals and fairs constitute an important showcase for promoting the territory, its producers, history, tradition and local culture.
Support for agricultural and agri-food trade fairs, recognized by Regional Law 31/2008 in favor of local administrations, is carried out by accepting the EU principles on freedom of enterprise, light bureaucratic procedures and introducing the principle of promoting the "fair product", from which derives the qualification of international trade fair, national and regional or local.

Starting from 2024, the Piedmont Region Agriculture and Food Directorate has brought together under a single umbrella entitled "Fieramente in Piedmont: small festivals, great products", a selection of local agri-food festivals and fairs in order to put together and facilitate the general public's knowledge of these events and their offer of quality and local products, culture of taste and traditional recipes.

Check the calendar and discover the local fairs and festivals of the "Fieramente in Piemonte" project.

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