A fat cheese from fresh curd and which in the past was produced with unpasteurised whole milk exclusively sheep's milk but in recent times also mixed with cow's milk (% dominant).
The shape resembles a conish trunk due to the overlaying and "welding" of 3 to 5 moulds of various weights and decreasing diameters (from 15-20 to 5 cm): the "Castellino" (small castle) refers to some tower ruins found on the territory of origin. The crust, a bit marked in the fresh cheese, tends to be smooth, creamy white or straw yellow. The aged cheese becomes wrinkly, consistent, ivory-coloured and covered with a fine veil of white blooms, the weight varies from 500 g to 1 kg.
The cheese paste has some holes and is white in the fresh product, and becomes compact and finely granulose in the aged product which can be grated. It has a refined and delicate taste, and when ripened becomes distinct with hints of sheep's milk.

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