Controlled Designation of Origin


Wines can be classified as DOC and DOCG products. The acronym DOC refers to Controlled Designation of Origin wines.

The Controlled Designation of Origin label describes those wines that are produced in small or medium-sized defined areas known by their geographical name. DOC wines guarantee consumers that the wine they are buying has a specific origin and precise organoleptic and production features which are compliant with given product specifications.

DOC is the specific traditional acronym used in Italy to indicate Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) wines regulated by the European Community. PDO wines are produced by using grapes grown in particularly suitable areas (e.g. Langhe, in Piedmont), the names of which are used to indicate renowned and high-quality products. The characteristics of these wines are strictly connected with the natural environment where they are produced and are regulated by and defined in product specifications.

Piedmont has so far produced 42 Controlled Designation of Origin wines.






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